Friday, April 4, 2014

10 Year Anniversary Cruise

So for the last year I have been telling Seth that he better do something good for our 10 year anniversary and that I would really like to go on a trip. I have wanted the last couple of years to celebrate our anniversary on the half mark because I hate when it falls. It's right by a lot of December and January birthdays and right after Christmas so it is parties and presents everywhere. So in the past all we have done to celebrate it is going out to dinner. Well correct anniversary came and went and we just went out to dinner in hopes of going on a trip in June. Well on Valentines day Seth surprised me a cruise to celebrate our anniversary. He did super well and kept it a secret for months.  I can't believe nobody ruined the surprise because everyone knew but me.  I was way excited and glad we were able to go with our friends Mike and Lindsay. The only stressful part was it was in three weeks and one of those weeks I was out of town to help Rylee with her babies. So I panicked for just a little bit but was able to get a lot done the day before I left as well as the following week so I was set and prepared to go. I was glad he told me them because he wanted to tell me the day before we would leave and lots of people talked him out it which I am glad. There is a lot that goes in to packing for a cruise so I am glad I got time to prepare and buy a few of the things I needed.

Here is our view out of the airplane on the way to San Juan   

First night on the boat
View of the islands St Johns and St Thomas
This is the boat we chartered.  They took us around to St Johns and Christmas Cove.  It was pretty fun and I am glad we were the only ones on the boat. 

A beach in Barbados

One of the nights at dinner.  We loved sitting in the same section each night and getting to know our waiters.
A good view of the ship
Formal night

Everyone was obsessed with the butter.

More pictures from Barbados

In St. Lucia we went zip lining.

Seth and Mike were having fun with the camera

Pigeon park
Just chilling in the captains chair
St. Kitts

The classic photo in front of the ship.
St. Maarten we rented a car and hit the flea market.  Drove around and saw a bunch of different beaches

Then the best part was going to airport beach.  It was awesome.  The planes land only a like a hundred yards from you.  It kind of freaks you out but is super cool.  Sometimes you think you could throw a rock at it.  Also you can stand at the fence and get blown by the jet stream which is an experience in itself.

The boys finally found a place to do their fly boarding.  They were so excited but they were a little disappointed because we were short on time so they didn't get to do the full time the place offered.

Overall it was a great trip.  I love cruises and the variety they give you when traveling.  I have now been on 7 cruises.  Can't wait for the next one.